Driving Without Insurance & Special Reasons Proof at Lanark JP Court

Driving without insurance & Special Reasons Proof at Lanark JP Court.  Our client was charged with driving his wife’s car without insurance.  The case called in the JP court in Lanark.  Our client had 6 live penalty points from two previous speeding offence.  Driving without insurance carries a minimum of 6 points so our client was facing disqualification under the totting-up provisions.   He wanted a specialist road traffic who had experience of appearing at Lanark JP Court.  He contacted us and we were immediately able to identify a way to avoid disqualification based on the information he gave to us.  He thought he was insured and had an honest and genuine belief that he was insured to drive the car.  The matter proceed to proof and Dominic Sellar was able to present reliable evidence that satisfied the court about his client’s position.  In these circumstances, the court made a finding of Special Reasons and no penalty points were endorsed on our client’s licence.