Driving Without Insurance & Special Reasons Proof at Glasgow JP Court

Driving without Insurance and Special Reasons Proof at Glasgow JP Court.  Our client has been employed as a driver for the last 20 or so years.  She was charged with driving without insurance by the police.  Driving without insurance carries a minimum of 6 penalty points and possible disqualification.  She was adamant that she was insured and that he police had made a mistake.  She was devastated to discover that the police hadn’t made a mistake and that her insurance policy had been cancelled due to an error.  Her car was impounded and she was very worried that she would lose her job if she got 6 or more points because she was employed as a driver. The whole circumstances about how her insurance came to be cancelled were very confusing, but following enquiries with her bank and insurance company we able to identify a way of persuading the court not to endorse her licence with any penalty points.  This followed a hearing, called a Special reasons Proof, where evidence was presented before the court and where Dominic Sellar made legal submissions before the court about the circumstance in which a court can establish that there are special reasons for not endorsing a licence.  That was the view that the court took in this case and our client was delighted by the outcome.