Dangerous Driving on M74 in Dumfries

Dangerous Driving on M74 at Dumfries Sheriff Court.  Our client was charges with driving at excessive speed on the M74 in bad weather conditions and undertaking other motor vehicles.  A conviction for dangerous driving would mean automatic disqualification for no less that one year.  Our client accepted that his speed was high, but not as high as the police suggested.  This was a classic case in which the police originally recorded a speed on a Unipar device of under 100mph and then followed the driver.  During this the police suggested that the speed had increased to over 100mph and based this on the factory fitted speedometer.  In these circumstances there is no exact reading and the evidence is wholly based on the police estimating the speed of a car on their observations and with reference to their own speedo.  This practice is open to abuse at worst and human error at best.  The case was resolved at the trial diet, when Mr Sellar was able to persuade the Crown to accept a plea to the lesser charge of Careless Driving.  The court dealt with the case by way of penalty points and our client kept his licence.