Road Traffic Law

Road traffic law is the part of Scots Law which citizens come into contact with most often. It covers everything from running a red light to drink driving and an effective defence to any road traffic offence requires a specialist touch.

While being in control of a motor vehicle is position of extreme responsibility, the responsibility doesn’t stop with you. The police and other officials must act with integrity and honesty towards you and your driving. We are here to ensure that that happens.

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dominicThe possible outcomes of a road traffic offence are incredibly varied and it depends on everything from the defendant’s particular circumstances to the actual offence committed.

Penalty points are applied to your license for minor and moderate offences, including traffic light offences and speeding. These points stay on your licence for between four and eleven years and if you accumulate 12 or more, can cause your disqualification from driving.

For serious offences, a judge may impose a fine, imprisonment or both.
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