BT Given Slap on the Wrist for Impromptu Lanark Roadworks

Utilities work on the roads around Lanark are nothing new. In fact, it’s something motorists have to endure across the whole of Scotland — and when you’re dealing with 55,768 kilometres of infrastructure, that’s probably always going to be the case.

Every day some new patch of tarmac is being ripped up to make improvements, lay pipes or repair existing damage. It’s a constant battle to fix the old and repair the new.

Lanark High Street

So when BT engineers picked up their jackhammers and headed to Lanark no one batted an eye. However, when the works brought the town centre to a standstill residents began asking why they hadn’t received any prior warning.

As it turned out, BT hadn’t received an official go-ahead for the roadworks but had ploughed on regardless.

And they couldn’t have picked a worse spot if they tried. Anyone who has driven through Lanark knows the main road can be troublesome at the best of times. A long-term Scottish Water project and one-way system only add to the disruption.

So when BT descended on the roads drivers sat nose to bumper with their head in their hands, praying for the roads to clear.

In response to the unauthorised works, South Lanarkshire Council announced they planned to fine the communications giant. Community Council chairman Frank Gunning greeted the announcement with open arms, saying he hoped the fine would “teach the big utility companies that keep digging up Lanark’s streets that they don’t own the roads.”

Lanark Map

However, when he found out the fine totalled a measly £120 — reduced to £80 if paid quickly — his mood suddenly soured. He lambasted the fine, claiming it was less than a typical parking or jaywalking fine. BT posted after-tax profits of £2.1 billion in 2015, which has led many Lanark residents are blasting the fine as a joke.

Gunning went on to propose a flat £500 payment for all utilities companies who want to “butcher” Lanark’s road.

South Lanarkshire Council claim utilities already pay a hefty sum — £70,000 last year alone.

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