Lanark Roads Undo Million-Pound Supercar

Gumpert Apollo Crashes in Lanark

Earlier this month, Lanark’s A702 proved too much for a supercar taking part in the annual motoring pilgrimage, the Gumball 3000.

The cross-Europe trek started in Dublin, before heading over to Edinburgh and then southward to continental Europe and Bucharest.

However, the rally hadn’t got as far as Lanark when a 224mph Gumpert Apollo — one of the rarest vehicles in the rally and part of the London Motor Museum — slid off the road between two concrete pillars. The car, which costs in excess of £1million, barely missed a tree before coming to rest mere inches from a telegraph pole.

Thankfully, neither driver nor passenger were injured and the car was also relatively undamaged — if a little muddy.


Earlier in the day, Peter Pan and Baywatch star, David Hasselhoff, had led the parade of supercars through Edinburgh’s city centre, posing for photos in front of Arthur’s Seat.

The Gumball 3000 is run in support of The Gumball 3000 Foundation, a non-profit charitable organisation established in 2013 to support disadvantaged young people through “opportunities, optimism and ambition for future generations.”

Hopefully, the rest of the rally goes off without further incident.


Common Motoring Offences in Lanark

If you have been charged with a motoring offence in Lanarkshire, it is possible that you will be called to one of Lanark’s courts.

Below are the most common offences motorists are charged with on roads in or around Lanark. If you have been charged with any motoring offence, please get in touch with our team today to see how we can help you.

Dangerous Driving

Section 2 Road Traffic Act 1988Dangerous Driving is one of the most serious road traffic offences attracting penalties of mandatory disqualification for a minimum period of 12 months, a fine and the requirement to re-sit the extended driving test.

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Mobile Phone

Regulation 110 Road Vehicles (Construction & Use) Regulations 1986 and Section 41D Road Traffic Act 1988 A person is not permitted to use a handheld mobile phone while driving and the law has created a specific offence to cover this situation.

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Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984It is an offence to exceed the speed limit that applies to a particular class of road.  In practice, however, it is unlikely that a driver will face prosecution if he has exceeded the speed limit by just a few miles per hour.

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Traffic Lights

Section 36(1) Road Traffic Act 1988Running a red light or failing to comply with any other road traffic sign, including road markings is an offence.  These offences are usually dealt with by fixed penalty.

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