Horrible Commutes From Around The World

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We’re all quick to think we’re the most unfortunate person alive when the bus is 15 minutes late, or when we’re stuck on the M8.

In a poll on Twitter, 31% thought their commute was too long. What we don’t always realise when we complain over our 40 minutes of battling through rush hour, is that we’re a sack of lucky potatoes!

We’ve had a look at some of the most horrible commutes, and if you think you have a horrible journey to work, you might want to think again.

This train is preparing to leave Dhaka, Bangladesh.
A ‘miscalculation’ of supply and demand means that commuters are forced to hang on where they can

Reuters:Andrew Biraj
Reuters/Andrew Biraj

São Paulo, Brazil, has some of the worst traffic jams in the world. According to Business Insider it can take up to three hours to travel nine miles. We think it’s fair to say that Glasgow Queen Street is nothing compared to this nightmare of a platform

Reuters:Nacho Doce
Reuters/Nacho Doce

Rickshaws are very popular in Dhaka, Bangladesh. During festival times, numbers rise to nearly 3 million. 3 MILLION RICKSHAWS. Even a Volkswagen Up would struggle to drive these streets

Reuters/Rafiquar Rahman
Reuters/Rafiquar Rahman

Below are the top 10 traffic congested cities in the world according to TomTom’s Traffic Index.
If you scroll through the list of congested cities, the first UK city mentioned is London as number 16.
Scroll on, and on, and on, eventually you’ll reach Glasgow. Currently number 82 on TomTom’s list of most congested cities.

top 10 traffic digested cities

This mad traffic- jam is a toll station outside of Beijing China. Try and count the lanes, it’s harder than you think..

horrible comute china beijing
Reuters/China Daily Information Corp CDIC

The streets of Jakarta, Indonesia often leave commuters stranded for hours. According to a recent study, Jakarta drivers have more stops and starts than any other city. The average Jakarta driver stops 33,420 times/ year. That’s more than twice the number of NYC drivers!

jakarta horrible commutes
Reuters/Supri Supri


There are some pretty long, and uncomfortable commutes around the world.

Maybe our commutes aren’t so bad after all? Catch us on Facebook or Twitter and let us know what you think

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