Confusion in Dumfries: Traffic Lights Installed Facing the Wrong Way

Dumfries Traffic Lights

Scotland has seen its fair share of peculiar traffic infrastructure decisions but none more so than this perplexing story from Dumfries.

Motorists travelling down the one-way street Jenny’s Loaning in Castle Douglas are left confused and scratching their heads when they pass a set of traffic lights installed facing the wrong way.

The mistake was brought to light by local photographer Allan Wright, who posted a picture of the lights with the caption: “I thought it might take a second or two for it to twig, there is something completely wrong in this picture.”

Dumfries and Galloway Council made the road one-way over two years ago but neglected to either remove or switch off the lights. This is even stranger considering that the same councillors worried that the area was becoming inundated by excess road signage.

For example, the sign for Holywood station is still standing even though it closed 50 years ago.

Some Castle Douglas locals claim confused drivers still pull onto the road, assuming that it is two-way and wait for the lights to turn to green — something that never happens.


Traffic Light Offences

Under Section 36(1) Road Traffic Act 1988, running a red light or failing to comply with any other road traffic sign is an offence. While traffic light offences are typically dealt with by fixed penalty, a prosecution can be brought against the driver. Any prosecution must be raised within six months from the date of the offence.


Available Defences

Unlike other offences, the prosecution is not required to corroborate the offence of failing to comply with a traffic sign. The evidence of one officer is sufficient. Additionally, there is typically an assumption that traffic signs comply with all regulations unless it is proved otherwise.

Common defences to traffic light offences include:

  • Challenging photographic evidence;
  • Prove the traffic signals were not working properly; and
  • Establishing a Special Reason to avoid an endorsement of penalty points.


How we can help

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