Dangerous Driving, Hamilton Sheriff Court

Dangerous Driving Charge at Hamilton Sheriff Court.  Our client was charged with dangerous driving in Hamilton by failing to stop when required to do so, speeding and causing persons to take evasive action to avoid being struck by his motor car.  Clearly this was a serious allegation that would have resulted in disqualification for a lengthy period of time.  Having investigated the case we were satisfied that the evidence was exaggerated, although, in our view, the standard of driving was careless.  Given this we approached the Crown and offered to plead guilty to the lesser charge of Careless Driving.  The plea was refused and the matter proceeded to trial.  A number of technical issues were raised by Mr Sellar and after two days of evidence the court was persuaded to accept that the standard of driving was not dangerous.  A finding of Careless Driving was made by the court and penalty points and a fine were imposed.  Our client, who is a HGV driver, was delighted.  Not only did he keep his licence, but he also kept his job.